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VMG launches InPageVideo Mobile format for publishers

Video Media Group has launched the innovative InPageVideo Mobile format for (mobile) web publishers. This responsive (HTML5) video advertising format helps (mobile) web publishers to meet the rapidly growing demand for video campaigns. And just as with the InPageVideo format for desk- or laptop visitors, mobile web publishers can now display video campaigns without the need for any video-content or pre-installed video-players.

The InPageVideo Mobile format has specifically been developed for mobile websites or apps based on HTML5 technology. InPageVideo Mobile functions very similar as the regular InPageVideo format for desktop. As soon as a visitor scrolls down, the page opens elegantly and the video commercial will appear.

Contrary to desktop, InPageVideo Mobile is a click-to-play* version. The web page visitor will have to tap the play button for the commercial to start playing. Only by use of click-to-play can proper functioning on any mobile browser system (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry) be guaranteed.

* Unlike Android, iOS does not allow for auto play for mobile devices.

Attention: below InPageVideo Mobile demo-link will only be displayed when activated by use of smartphone or tablet. Once the demo page opens please scroll down and the click-to-play InPageVideo Mobiel demo commercial will automatically appear.

Please click here for the mobile demo version.

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